About Us

Wake Park Varna, a place the entire family can enjoy. We are located on a small beach, part of the coastal alley of Varna, not far from town centre. Our two-tower systems are built on the Black Sea shore and protected from waves by a breakwater. There is no age limit and no skill level required. All you need is to feel comfortable in the water. We run a straight line cable, controlled by an operator, therefore,the speed varies. This makes it suitable for beginners and advanced riders. When rider falls, the operator brings the rope and handle back, allowing riding to continue.

No prior experience necessary!

Enjoy cable wake boarding with us!


Wake park Varna provides its clients the opportunity to use either personal or our equipment. Here you can find life vests, helmets, wetsuit, shorts, wakeboards, water ski, wakeskate and kitesurf boards. You can also go kayaking by the coast.

We wish you a pleasant stay!